As Coaching and/or Mentoring expands within an organisation, the need for a control platform to effectively manage the process becomes critical. Mye-coach, our leading online Coaching and Mentoring Management system, addresses the challenges and provides a pragmatic, cost-effective solution.

Easily match with Coaches and Mentors

Using our simple but effective 'Find a Coach/Mentor' feature, users can search for, filter and message their potential Coach or Mentor in a matter of clicks.

Coaches and Mentors can build enticing and informative profiles to showcase their experience and expertise and set their availability on or off to match their capacity.

Internal processes can be implemented, by enforcing gateways such as approval from the L&D team or Line Managers or making sure the necessary financials have been arranged.

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Ensure your approach is consistent across the organisation

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Implement 'gateways' for users to go through, such as getting approval from the L&D team or their Line Manager, or making sure they have arranged the appropriate finances.

A 'one stop shop' for all internal Coaching and Mentoring, from staff members to Senior Leaders, where they can access your pool of development specialists, valuable resources and support and guidance.

Built in reporting and feedback

With our integrated reporting feature, you can better understand your organisations Coaching and Mentoring activity without doing the legwork. Report on all sessions taking place, spend, user activity and more all at the click of button.

Create bespoke feedback questionnaires which automatically trigger for user at key stages in their development and analyse your Coaching and Mentoring provisions.

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Security and GDPR


Mye-coach is fully ISO27001 certified and is constantly tested and developed, both in terms of functionality and security.

Complying with GDPR and ensuring the system is secure is always a priority of mye-coach, safeguarding users and their data.

Integration with Single Sign On (SSO) platforms, such as OKTA, is possible.

And loads of other features...

Mye-coach comes with over 150 Coaching and Development resources for users to access, to use as part of their development programmes or to self-coach.

Built in messaging and public forum to develop your Coaching and Mentoring community.

Support and guidance available to all users, including full training guides.

And many more!

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