Target Audience

From our experience the needs of the team usually fall into one or more of the following key development areas - if they do, then Team Coaching would be appropriate to:

  • Create the team’s purpose, vision and values
  • Clarify the team’s strategy, structure and ways of working
  • Facilitate a better understanding of the team’s strengths, skills and dynamics
  • Address key challenges or where the team has got ‘stuck’

Our Approach

Although we have a proven team coaching methodology which targets a number of team performance factors our approach starts with observation and understanding and not a prescription.

The first step in our approach is to spend time with the team leader; this allows us to understand fully their needs. We then talk to all team members and other key stakeholders to build a clear picture of the current situation and the team's specific needs.

Building on this understanding, we may commission relevant team effectiveness reports or psychometrics to further explore and understand the team dynamics and specific context in which the team operates. Some of these tools also provide an excellent framework on which to tangibly measure some of the softer elements of the team’s progress and performance.

Once we have a clear understanding of what is needed we propose an appropriate team development programme, which has the right focus to achieve the identified performance objectives. Once agreed with the team leader we then implement the team development programme which can be supported by parallel individual 1:1 Coaching for the team leader and/or individual team members.

Programme Logistics

Our team coaching programmes normally involve an initial one to two-day workshop followed by a series of either half or one-day quarterly follow-up sessions across a 9-12 month period; this will depend on the team's need and specific requirement.

Programmes can be held at a location of your choosing, but ideally offsite if budget allows.

For more information, costs and enquiries on our team coaching service contact us by completing the form below.


Identify and Achieve Goals

Is results-oriented - the coach helps the team to identify clear goals and then facilitates the team to achieve them

Increase Capability

Builds on the experience, strengths and talents already present with in the team

Increase Teamwork

Generates shared commitment to and accountability for the goals of the team as a whole, not just an individual's own goals


Sharpens communication and interpersonal skills enabling individuals to adapt and connect better with each other


Values and builds on the diversity in the team, rather than seeking uniformity


Promotes an appreciative and challenging climate in which everyone is able to excel and grow


Ensures that actions are focused and hence more effective and efficient in achieving team success

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