Outline Approach


After receiving your brief, we provide a short list of suitable coaches with whom you can meet. We recommend that you meet with at least 3 coaches to ensure the chemistry and fit are right for you.


Once a suitable match is found, the coach will formally contract with you, and any key stakeholders. This sets the parameters for the relationship and ensures all parties know what is excepted of them.

The Programme

After contracting, the coaching programme can begin.

Our standard programme consists of six two-hour sessions but can alter, depending on the need.

All the coaching sessions are focused on achieving the performance objectives identified in the initial contracting and goal setting session.


The programme will consist of a mid and post review stage, which may involve key stakeholders if relevant. We often use assessment tools to help measure the impact of the development, such as 360° Feedback and Emotional Intelligence.

Team Coaching

As well as an effective stand-alone leadership development approach, our 1:1 coaching programmes can be used in conjunction with our Team Coaching process, to support the leader to achieve both theirs and their team’s performance objectives more effectively - for more information on our Senior Team Coaching click here.

Our Coaches

In the Meet The Team section, you can review a selection of our Executive Coaches, including their coaching biographies and relevant experience.

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