Creating a pool of highly skilled, internal coaches to provide accessible, cost-effective coaching within your organisation




Our Creating Internal Coaching Capability solution is specifically designed for organisations that are looking to establish a pool of highly skilled internal coaches to provide effective workplace performance coaching across your organisation.

We will support your organisation to set up the infrastructure to develop an internal pool and provide a training programme for them that follows internationally recognised standards.

If participants want to achieve a qualification in coaching, we can support them to do so through our






In Brief

Planning & implementation advice for your support team

Flexing style and content to suit your people and organisation language

Pre- and post- monitoring of participant progress and learning

30 hours training in flexible combinations, for groups of up to 12 participants.


For example:

Face-to-face: 2-day workshop + 2-day + 1-day, with practice in between Virtual: 6x2-hours + 6x2-hours + 3x2-hours

> Participant workbook

> On-demand access to online resources

> Personal report from psychometric test used as a diagnostic in coaching (e.g. MBTI or the test preferred by your organisation)

At least 2 coachees in the workplace


Carried out in between workshops / batches of virtual sessions


Learning log to track and reflect on practice

Pre-programme welcome & introduction call

Group mid- and post-programme calls to discuss practice, learning and way forward

One-to-one call: demonstration to a coach, with progression discussion about internal coaching practice undertaken

1-hour workshop with ‘coachees’ to prepare them for coaching by the programme participants

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