The Aim.

Developing senior managers to be better leaders and to encourage the cultivation of talent – by the expansion of a coaching programme across McDonald’s UK and Ireland.

RS Components


Implementing a tailor-made coaching training program to build on RS Components’ success and take it to the next level, developing a culture of high performance, staff engagement, and collaboration.

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A very successful company wants to progress to the next level and identifies the need to invest in its people to do so


A bespoke training programme by Coaching Focus


Through 3 modules of training as well as time to practice their skills within the workplace, staff at RS Components have developed the skills to facilitate inclusive, collaborative, developmental conversations, and thus increasing staff engagement and general productivity and growth for the company.


RS Components, a trading brand of Electrocomponents PLC, is the world’s largest distributer of electronics and maintenance products for engineers, with operations in 32 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, and around 500,000 products in their catalogue. They boast a workforce of approximately 5,000 employees and have been in business for almost 80 years.


Combining coaching theory with the constant opportunity to practice in the workplace was identified as the way forward

When Ian began his search for the coaching training provider for RS Components, he knew what he was looking for. “What I wanted was a specialist focused coaching training provider, who intrinsically understood and could provide evidence of their experience in working with other major organisations in delivering quality coaching competency development.”

After considering various options, he attended a Coaching Focus event and there he met Trayton, who Ian realised very quickly, was the perfect fit for RS Components. His calm approach, demonstration of empathy and humility, and his coaching style were the kind of characteristics that Ian was confident would achieve the results with their people that RS Components was hoping for.

Trayton developed a three-module program for the RS Components staff, and began delivering it in May. So far, three cohorts have passed through the program, with just over 40 people in total receiving the coaching training. Between each module there has been a break of 6-8 weeks for the students to practice what they have learned and transfer their learning to the workplace, as well as time in the sessions for practice and discussion of their progress. Parallel to this, they have received one-on-one sessions with Ian, also a qualified executive coach, to talk about their learning, the challenges they have faced, and what they need to improve on and change going forward.

““We have better conversations; inclusive, collaborative, developmental conversations, that help to develop and empower our people to do a better job, and engage them and involve them in that process rather than just telling them what to do.”
Ian Wearne
Director of Learning and Development
A more collaborative and empowering culture for staff has emerged in RS Components

Whilst Ian has explained the challenges of showing the direct impact on business performance of this training, due to its nature, through his own observations, discussions, anecdotes and feedback, not only from the coaches but also from their people, he can say that there has been a shift in the way that the people at RS Components are having conversations and working together.

“We have better conversations; inclusive, collaborative, developmental conversations, that help to develop and empower our people to do a better job, and engage them and involve them in that process rather than just telling them what to do. That of course is feeding into the engagement levels of our people. We’ve just had our most recent employee opinion survey results, which were very positive, and showed improvements in many areas on prior surveys”.


Onwards and upwards; RS Components plan to continue growing the Coaching Culture

RS Components are very satisfied with the program that Trayton and Coaching Focus have delivered, and are currently working to include additional coaching programs for other managers within their budget for next year. RS Components’ intention is to spread the coaching culture throughout the organisation and design other programs with Trayton to address other leadership development requirements they have. Working in collaboration with Trayton and Coaching Focus, RS Components is certain that it will continue growing as a successful global company and fostering a collaborative, inspiring and empowering workplace for its people.