Psychometrics & Diagnostics

Raising personal awareness and providing breakthrough insights to individuals and teams to maximise the development potential



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What are psychometrics and diagnostics?

Personal awareness is a key first step in leadership development – whether that’s building knowledge of your own skills, behaviours and mindset or recognising how these play out when you are leading. 

You may be looking for:

> A general picture of your leadership style

> A view of your preferred style and behaviours in certain situations, e.g. influencing others, in conflict

> A 360 view of yourself, your team, your peers, your manager and other stakeholders

> An assessment of how effective a team is or the different roles that individual team members tend to play

What are the benefits?


We advise on the most appropriate tool to meet your objectives, rather than promoting a ‘favourite’ irrespective of your needs


Expert interpretation

Our coaches provide detailed feedback, putting results into context, drawing threads together to provide you with the insight you need to action

Combining insight with development

We use diagnostics to inform activities such as individual and team coaching, creating greater


Our Coaches 

We have a first-class team of Executive Coaches, Team Coaches, and Facilitators with a variety of backgrounds and specialisms. 

Meet our coaches

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