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Having coaching conversations to facilitate coaching for a better tomorrow.

Welcome to the Coaching Focus Podcast hosted by our CEO and Founder Trayton Vance.
With Over 25 years in the coaching arena, Trayton connects with fellow coaches, CEOs, Senior Leaders and HR Professionals to bring you insights into how coaching is being used, the current thinking around coaching and new ideas that hopefully ignite your thinking and help to facilitate coaching for a better tomorrow.





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Episode 1 - Why coaching is the new leadership style?

Huge amounts of change, both socio-economic and political, have impacted the world of work. Every organisation and leader are on a journey to adapt their values and strategies to align with the new world. In this first episode, we unpick the new world challenges for leaders, understand the terms “power” and “empowerment” in leadership – and the psychological impact this can have on individuals – and then why coaching, rather than managing, is needed as a default management style.

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Episode 2 - Our purpose – coaching for a better tomorrow – the value of coaching in a performance culture

Our company’s purpose is coaching for a better tomorrow and how coaching can impact a performance culture. Coaching is the art of facilitating the learning, development and performance of another or group. Coaching is a craft that takes time to refine and be a master. Trayton discusses the positive impact of coaching – not only on an individual level – but for the whole organisation.


Episode 3 -  How wellbeing is evolving in the coaching environment 

with Trayton Vance & Craig Fearn 

Craig Fearn is a sustainable wellbeing expert who has worked with organisations around the world for more than 20 years. He is currently the Founder of Lighthouse Mentoring. Craig talks candidly about his own personal experiences of mental health, and how it has helped shape his coaching approach that helps clients manage their stress and attain positive mental wellbeing.

In the first part of this two-part conversation, we explore how to create safe environments for people to express their vulnerabilities, establishing the boundaries between coaching and counselling, and a powerful process for coaches to offload.



Ep3 pt1

Episode 3 Part 2 -  How wellbeing is evolving in the coaching environment 

with Trayton Vance & Craig Fearn 

In the second part of this interview with Criag Fearn, we explore the influence of wellbeing in the workforce, creating long-term sustainable offerings for employees, advice for HR professionals on how to get buy-in from the top – and why wellbeing in work will be a necessity in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Craig Fearn is a sustainable wellbeing expert who has worked with organisations around the world for more than 20 years. He is currently the Founder of Lighthouse Mentoring.



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Episode 4 - International Womens Day Special - Looking Ahead

with Maureen Sumner Smith, Katy Deacon, Amelia Vance, and Shannon Hall.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, Trayton speaks with four women at various stages over their career – from studying at university to being at the top of their career ladder. It’s a fascinating collection of conversations as we delve into equality in the digital world, the importance of coaching conversations throughout your career, the role of confidence, and changing the system so we can be ourselves at work.

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Episode 5 - Practising Compassionate Leadership

with Debbie Sweet, Vice President of Nature Journals, Springer Nature Group

What is compassionate leadership and how can we practise it with our teams? Debbie Sweet is the vice president of Nature Journals, part of the Springer Nature Group. Debbie joins Trayton to discuss compassionate leadership, coaching and what it means to embrace constant growth in leadership. We also explore how to be authentic, how to let people know that you really care, and how to see situations from other points of view.




Episode 6 - Resilient and Sustainable Leadership

Catherine Roe is the Chief Executive of Elior, a French food and service based industry.

Catherine and Trayton delve into the personal and workplace challenges which came along with the Covid-19 pandemic. From working remotely to dealing with personal grief, Catherine explores the importance of self-care and work/life balance.

In this episode, we learn how to instill confidence in our teams as well as some practical steps we can take towards a more open and inclusive workplace.

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Episode 7 - Leadership Presence

Maureen Sumner-Smith was the Chief Commercial Officer for The British Standards Institute. Trayton and Maureen explore leadership presence and all that it entails. How can we get to know our team members on a personal level? How does organisational culture impact interpersonal working relationships?


In this week’s episode we learn how to bring our authentic self to work whilst also existing in a defined organisational culture.


Episode 8 - Leadership and Eldership

How can we find meaning in our lives as coaches? Author, founder and leader, Trevor Waldock has spent the last 30 years building organisations, leading teams and writing books that support, educate and guide others in their leadership journeys.

Trevor shines a light on finding genuine meaning in life and demonstrates how we can show up in the workspace more authentically. Tune in as we discuss eldership and how we can benefit society at large through inclusive leadership.

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Episode 9 - Leading People not managing Human Resources

Nick Day is the founder of JGA recruitment, a forward thinking people-centred company.

Nick discusses the impact of crises and how human resources is becoming an outdated term. In a world of evolving AI technology, Nick prioritises the human element.

In this week’s episode we explore how to make genuine connections with the people we work with in order to create more impact in all areas.




Episode 10 - Gen Z Special Part One: Followers versus Leaders

In this episode we are joined by two students from the University of Bath, Anna and Ben, who have done a literary review on whether good followership leads to good leadership. It is a fascinating discussion as we delve into the role of group identity, the power of conversation, overcoming the traditional stereotypes of a leader – and what they hope to see in the future from their research.




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Episode 11 - Gen Z Special Part Two: The Future of Female Leadership

In our continued discussion with students from the University of Bath, we are joined by students Sabrine Omer and Shannon Hall. We discuss key findings from their research, as well as the impact of the gender pay gap, building an inclusive environment and what are their hopes and dreams for when they join the world of work.




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Episode 12 - Gen Z Special: Human-Centric Management

In the final part of our Gen Z Special conversations where we speak with students from the University of Bath, we are joined by students Jordan and Jack. They delve into the type of leadership they would like to see in the industries they’re training for, the importance of having opportunities for growth, and what coaching means to them.




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Episode 13 - The Importance of Leadership Engagement

Luke Fisher is the founder and CEO of Mo, an online toolkit for connecting and motivating teams in the new world of work. In this week’s episode we explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has shaped the way we work. We also explore embracing new ways of leading remote and hybrid teams while also utilising tried and tested leadership values.

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