Manager as Coach Toolkit

Our Coaches Toolkit is specifically designed to support your managers to coach their staff. It also provides an excellent resource to enable your staff to self-coach in order to facilitate their learning, development and performance.

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Manager as Coach Toolkit

This coaching toolkit provides your managers with a wide range of tools and resources and is aimed to enable managers to help their staff by increasing knowledge and self-awareness, reinforce learning and enable individuals to improve performance and effectiveness.

Each coaching tool is designed to support and accelerate the learning, enjoyment and performance of the individual as part of their development journey.

This includes:

  • Helping assess the needs of the coachee and his or her team
  • Enabling the coachee to better understand his or her own skills, capabilities, attitudes and beliefs
  • Increasing the coachee’s self-awareness and understanding of their impact on others
  • Developing and enhancing the coachee’s personal, management, coaching and leadership skills
  • Promoting self-responsibility, self-direction and pro-activity in the coachee
  • Evaluating the outcomes of coaching interventions

There are over 185 Coaching Tools available which fall into 7 main categories:

  1. Discovering Myself
  2. Developing Personal Skills
  3. People Management Skills
  4. People Management Practices
  5. Team Effectiveness
  6. Customer Focus
  7. Coaches' Tools

Within these categories there are 5 types of coaching tool, each of which has a specific aim and purpose:

Summary Sheet - Used by the Coach before, during or after the coaching session to provide the Coachee with an overview of a specific development area.

Exercise - Used to provide the Coachee with a pre or post-session activity in order to practice and further develop a relevant skill.

Diagnostic - Used before, during or after the coaching session to provide the Coachee with a better understanding of their ability in a certain development area.

Knowledge Handout - Used as a means of providing the Coachee with further background knowledge, allowing the Coachee to consider their development from a deeper, more informed position.

Session Guide - Used by the Coach to prepare for the session and as a step by step guide during the coaching session. The Coach can also use this to make informative notes as appropriate.

Herbert Smith Freehills
"The coaching toolkit is a huge hit with all our internal coaches."
Liz Bryne, Learning and Development Manager, Herbert Smith Freehills, on the 'Manager as Coach' toolkit.