Coaching Masterclasses

Coaching Masterclasses

The Challenge

As the full impact of coronavirus was felt across your workforce, line managers are likely to have been the first port of call for people seeking answers. And when lockdown scattered well-established teams to a new virtual way of working, most people no doubt turned to their line managers for support.

In addition, line managers have dealt with an onslaught of changes and challenges to the way they have managed and supported their teams. And this is a level of support that will need to continue in a post-lockdown world as we gradually return to places of work and ‘new’ norms.

With the psychological impact of Covid-19 employers have a fundamental duty of care for the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees and much of this responsibility will no doubt fall to your line managers.

New Skills are Paramount if Performance is to be Sustained

So as line managers are asked to juggle these increased duties, many of them will need help to develop new soft skills to enable them to support the wellbeing and continue to sustain a positive psychological mindset for them and the people they manage.

The Solution

To help you support your line managers and their teams in this time of need we have developed a portfolio of virtual Masterclasses specifically designed to address these inevitable challenges.


Each Masterclass can be delivered either as a 2-hour introduction or as a skills development programme consisting of 3 x 2-hour virtual learning sessions over a circa 2-week period which allows learners time for reflective practice.

The sessions are recorded so if individuals miss one, they can access the session in their own time or revisit it as a reminder.

All Masterclasses are also supported with online material which can be printed and used for educating and engaging their team members.