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Managing the smooth and efficient running of your internal and / or external coaching provision



Is your organisation looking for a way to bring together its coaching and/or mentoring activity so that you have grasp of what's happening and what impact it’s having?

Our managed services support both internal and external coaching provision and can run in parallel with any mentoring activity. 

We can support your organisations to source coaches / mentors, set up and manage coaching and mentoring assignments, and maintain an organisational wide picture of how the coaching and mentoring is progressing.

The result? Precise matching of individuals to needs, streamlined administration and clear evidence of your return on investment in coaching and or mentoring.
So, you really do have a one-stop-shop for all your coaching and mentoring needs.



Our coaching management system: myEcoach

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Our solutions

We recognise that different organisations have different needs and so we offer three different levels of service.

Fully managed service

Suitable for large, complex or multinational organisations.

Our expert team manages all aspects of your coaching provision, providing easy access to our myE-coach system for users.

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Supported service

Suitable for organisations with dedicated administration teams.

We provide support for reporting, training and administration so that your team can get the most out of the coaching management system.

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Suitable for smaller organisations where the internal management of coaching is feasible.

We provide you with the myE-coach management system for your in-house use.

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Our fully managed services offer a powerful combination

Management and support team

Configuring processes and systems to your specific needs; providing a single point of contact and expert advice for coaching sponsors, administrators and coaches; delivering helpful, UK-based support to users. 

Coach sourcing and matching

Quality assurance of your existing coaches, sourcing new coaches, onboarding, ongoing support, building your coach pool into a community. 

Mye-coach management system

Intuitive online system, making it easy for coachees to access and manage their coaching needs, coaches to manage their assignments and administrators to track progress and compile reports.

Materials and resources

Extensive online resources to support and engage coaching sponsors, coaches and coachees through the coaching process.


Organisation benefits

- Use of the management and support team allows you to focus on what your organisation wants to get out of coaching, rather than the day-to-day operation.

- Simplified, more cost-effective administration, which ensures the correct procedures are being followed, including options for approval steps.

- Track progress and have an oversight of all activity: for both external and internal coaches and mentors.

- Easy reporting on activity, expenditure and ROI.

- Fully ISO27001 certified system and compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring your sensitive data is protected and secure.

- Expert management of the coach pool and providing a coach database allows coachees to find their best match.

- Scalable capacity: easily integrated throughout a site or global multi-site, dividing administrative responsibilities where needed. 

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Individual benefits

myE-coach for Administrators
Streamline internal processes, build searchable coach database, allocate budgets to projects, measure ROI with built-in reporting.

myE-coach for Coaches / Mentors
Profile to showcase skills & experience, manage relationships and sessions in one place, control availability, share notes & resources, overview of each relationship.

myE-coach for Coachees 
Make requests for coaching, find coaches / mentors easily, schedule sessions, connect with direct messaging, forum with others in the coaching community, access to resources. 

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