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Developing coaching skills for leaders



In an ever-changing working world, power has shifted from the employer to the employee and leaders will need to move away from a command-and-control approach.

Our Leader as Coach programme is designed to provide your leaders with the core skills and tools to adopt a coaching approach in the workplace.

Our expert trainers will provide your leaders with the context, knowledge and actions needed to help you build this leadership style across your organisation.

We combine organisational support, preparation, and impact tracking, with training for your leaders to develop the skills they need to coach effectively within the workplace.

Our Leader as Coach programme is a proven solution to facilitate the creation of a coaching culture and develop a coaching style of leadership within the organisation.

The solution includes skills development for your leaders, provides opportunities for structured practice in and between workshops, access to self-development online resources via our Learning Hub and ongoing support to participants after the training to ensure the skills are embedded and sustained.

This programme provides a perfect platform for those wanting to gain an ILM Coaching Qualification.


Organisation benefits


Knowledge, Ethics and Understanding 
The line managers you develop are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge, and ethical understanding they need to effectively coach members of their team. 

Improved Performance 
Your line managers can provide effective support for the development of others and improve their performance.     

Embedded Culture 
We help to embed a coaching culture within your organisation and create a coaching mindset and an environment of empowerment and high performance at work. 

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Individual benefits

Coaching Understanding 
Participants gain a critical understanding of the role, responsibilities, behaviours, skills and values required of a line manager to coach effectively.     

Increased Empowerment 
Participants have more effective and productive conversations with colleagues and team members which increase levels of empowerment.    

Greater Ownership 
Participants can have workplace conversations that allow for individual ownership, responsibility, and personal discretionary effort. 

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Programme Outline

This programme can be delivered either face-to-face, 3 days in total (usually 2+1) or virtually via 9 x 2-hour modules over an 8-week period.

The ideal group size is up to 12 participants.

Each participant is onboarded by our  team, provided with a printed workbook, professionally supported throughout the programme and given access to resources on our forthcoming Learning Hub - check back for more details coming soon!


Workshop 1 (one day or 3 x 2-hour modules) 

This workshop includes:

  • What is coaching - ensuring all are clear on what coaching is within the workplace and the expectations of the programme.
  • The key components and skills of coaching within an organisation.
  • Managing/leading/coaching – the intent, behaviours and applications of each.

Workshop 2 (one day or 3 x 2-hour modules) 

This workshop includes:

  • Listening skills – the four levels of listening, and how to develop them.
  • The GIVE Model – developing your empathy skills.
  • Listening inclusively and unconscious biases.

Workshop 3 (one day or 3 x 2-hour modules) 

This workshop includes:

  • When should you put your knowledge in?
  • What is feedback in coaching, and how to give it.
  • The Johari window.

If you would like to see a full breakdown of what's covered in each workshop, please download our brochure.

Once you have completed Leader as Coach, you have the option to gain an ILM accredited Level 3 Award. To achieve this, participants will need to complete an additional day of training and compile a portfolio of evidence throughout the programme, consisting of:

  • Records of a minimum of 16 hours of workplace coaching or mentoring
  • 3 written assignments, focused on their understanding of coaching and application and review of their practice
  • 1 book review from our recommended reads
  • Evidence of their own learning and development, including tutorial notes, supervision notes and reflections

The journey from the start of the programme through to completing the qualification usually takes 6-9 months.

Find out more about our our Level 3 qualification.

Open Programmes

You may be an individual or have small numbers of leaders or HR professionals whom you may want to develop their leadership coaching ability.

If so our Leader as Coach open programme provides an ideal solution.

Our open programmes also offer the opportunity to those wanting to learn with a community from a diverse range of organisations.

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2023 Open Programmes

May Start


May 2023 start date

Day 1 (modules 1-3)
Tuesday 30 May

Day 2 (modules 4-6)
Wednesday 31 May

Day 3 (modules 7-9)
Tuesday 27 June

Cost: £1,125.00


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July Start



July 2023 start date

Day 1 (modules 1-3)
Tuesday 11 July 

Day 2 (modules 4-6)
Wednesday 12 July 

Day 3 (modules 7-9)
Tuesday 15 August

Cost: £1,125.00

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September Start


September 2023 start date

Day 1 (modules 1-3)   
Tuesday 5 September

Day 2 (modules 4-6)
Wednesday 6 September

Day 3 (modules 7-9)
Tuesday 3 October

Cost: £1,125.00

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