Growing Coach Expertise


Providing further development to experienced coaches, extending their skills to team coaching, supervision and other advanced coaching specialisms



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As the coaches in your organisation grow in experience, you will want to make sure that their skills also continue to grow through continuous professional development.

Our experience shows that, once coaching is established in an organisation, organisations they are often interested in:

> Team coaching: building on the benefits gained by coaching individuals and providing coaching to teams

> Supervision: providing a mechanism to ensure the ongoing quality assurance of their pool of internal coaches

> Masterclasses: coaching to address specific organisational issues developing the expertise of their coaches to address topics, such as coaching through transition, coaching to increase resilience or coaching for wellbeing

We offer a range of workshops and masterclass training modules that enable your coaches to develop their skills further and gain expertise in particular specialisms.

Proven Solutions


Team Coaching Fundamentals

This one-day workshop introduces you to the concept of team coaching. You will already have a good level of coaching experience; this programme builds on that to give you the fundamental skills to start coaching teams


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Team Coaching Advanced

This 4-day programme gives you a thorough grounding of the skills and practices of coaching teams within the workplace. You will already be an experienced coach; this programme builds on that to develop your competence and confidence to coach teams within your organisation


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Coach Supervision Fundamentals

This one-day workshop introduces the essentials of coach supervision and gives you a basic understanding of how to provide internal coach supervision


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Coach Supervision Advanced

This 4-day programme develops your skills and understanding to effectively supervise internal coaches within your organisation. You’ll explore key supervision models and how to apply these in practice


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Coach Masterclasses

Our one-day workshops are aimed at existing coaches who want to expand their expertise to coach specific issues. We cover a wide range of topics such as transition, change, wellbeing, confidence and resilience


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