Fundamental Skills of Coaching


Growing awareness across your organisation of coaching, its uses and its benefits, so that it becomes an everyday, accepted way of doing things



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Our Fundamental Skills of Coaching programme is particularly relevant if your organisation is just starting to promote coaching within the workplace.
It introduces participants to the fundamentals of workplace performance coaching by:
> Providing a fundamental understanding of coaching skills and how to use these when coaching and being coached
> Introducing basic coaching skills that can be incorporated into a leadership style and ways of working
The style and positioning of the programme can be flexed to meet the needs of your audience – whether you’re using the programme to brief your senior leadership team about the value of coaching or to build awareness of coaching in your general leadership population.
We work with you to bespoke the content and approach to ensure we maximise impact.

What are the benefits?



Common Understanding of Coaching 

Participants understand the basics and benefits of coaching so that it can become an everyday, accepted practice

Increased Flexibility

Highlights different approaches available to your line managers in developing others and improving their performance 

Shifts Thinking 

Raises awareness and promotes a coaching culture within your organisation and an environment of high performance at work 



Greater Understanding 
Develops a fundamental understanding of coaching and how it can be used to facilitate the learning, development, and performance of others
Improve as a Coachee
Participants gain an understanding of how to be coached and the skills and tools a coach may use to help facilitate performance
Coaching attitude
Encourages a coaching attitude and growth mindset in everyday conversations



Programme outline

  • What is coaching - ensuring all are clear on what coaching is within the workplace and the expectations of a workplace coach.

  • The key components and skills - of coaching within an organisation

  • Managing/leading/coaching – the intent, behaviours and applications of each

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing – to provide an understanding of what can be done when mental health issues are present (referring to internal resources/EAP support)

  • Comparing coaching to counselling and mentoring and understanding the boundaries of each.

  • The range of approaches available to a coach (coaching mindset)

  • The LEAP Model – an introduction to a coaching conversation

  • Structuring the conversation – the GROW Model

  • A Coaching demonstration – from one of our experienced tutors

  • Coaching practice in pairs

Delivery Options: Face-to-face 1-day workshop day or Virtual 3 x 2-hour sessions


Group size: Up to 15 participants per workshop / virtual session


Resources: Participant workbook and access to online resources