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Achieving breakthroughs in performance and personal growth



Our one-to-one coaching programmes are tailored to your individual requirements from the very first step. 

Our structured approach gives you and your stakeholders – coachees, line managers and business sponsors - a clear pathway for progression. 

Our diverse team of coaches offers you a wide choice of expert, experienced coaches who can support and challenge your leaders to achieve their goals.

Whether you’re looking for coaching for one individual or for multiple leaders in your organisation, whether it’s for senior executives, leaders participating in development programmes or groups of high-potential talent, we can support you through the process.


Organisation benefits

Impact and ROI
Our coaching is guided by your organisational goals, and we measure the impact so you can assess the return on your investment. 

Quality assurance
Our structured approach builds quality assurance into every step of the coaching process and our tracking means you can see progress across your coaching programmes whenever you need it.

Our coaching enables your leaders to be self-sufficient so that their development continues long after the coaching has finished.  


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Coachee benefits

You choose whether coaching is face-to-face or virtual, how many sessions and how long, to create a programme tailored to the needs of each coachee.

We carefully match your coachee with a shortlist of at least three coaches – check the chemistry and fit and choose which one will work best with you.

Sessions are focused on helping coachees achieve clearly defined goals and objectives – we measure our success by their success. 


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Our Approach

Setting up for success

  • Briefing for coach and coachee to understand the context for coaching.
  • Coach matching and chemistry meeting.
  • Gathering baseline data linked to the coaching objectives and useful insights for the coachee.

Designed to maximise impact

  • Contracting to provide focus on key objectives and success measures.
  • Coaching sessions delivered face-to-face or virtually, including mid- and end-point reviews.
  • Access to resources for additional learning and ad hoc between-session support
    Progress monitoring of requests, coach matches and delivery of sessions.

Ensuring sustainability

  • Evaluation of the coaching experience.
  • Feedback & progress checks in relation to original coaching objectives.
  • Access to resources for continued learning.

Our coaches

Our coaches bring their skills, wisdom and insight to make your coaching experience a transformative one. Look at a selection of our coaches and explore their background, experience and approach as you meet our team.

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Connect with us...

We’d love to talk to you and explore how we could support you – whether you’re looking for a pool of coaches to meet the needs of executives and talents in your organisation, or maybe you’re interested in engaging a coach to support your own personal development. 

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