Developing a coaching strategy


Taking you through a step-by-step process to develop a strategy that provides a clear framework of what your organisation wants to achieve from coaching and how it will achieve it


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We provide consultancy to HR and L&D professionals who have recognised the need to develop a coaching strategy to provide direction and focus for coaching activities within their organisation.

We help your organisation to determine how you will use coaching strategically by:

> Moving thinking from who’s getting coached to what needs to be coached

> Aligning your coaching strategy to the organisation’s business strategy

> Assessing the most appropriate mix of line manager, internal and external coaches will that best aligns with your organisation's priorities, resources and culture

What are the benefits?

Skills and Knowledge

Equips your HR and L&D professionals with the skills and tools to use coaching as a business strategy


Produces a strategy that enables the organisation to use coaching in a structured and focused way and to determine the best balance between internal and external resources to meet its objectives


Signals the intention that coaching is a way of operating and not simply a training initiative

In Brief

We take your team through a structured process

Strategy Workshop

Taking your team through the process of developing a coaching strategy; introducing a toolkit


-> Team uses toolkit to develop plan

Plan Review Workshop

Facilitating a review of your team’s plan; introducing refinements, based on best practice

-> Team executes plan

Implementation Review Workshop

Facilitating a review of implementation and agreeing next steps