Creating Internal Coaching Capability

Building a pool of highly skilled, internal coaches to provide accessible, cost-effective coaching within your organisation


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What is Creating Internal Coaching Capability?

What value do we add?


A solution that creates an internal coaching capability specifically designed for organisations that are looking to establish a pool of highly skilled internal coaches to provide effective workplace performance coaching across the organisation.

We’ll support your organisation to set up the infrastructure to develop an internal coaching pool and provide an extensive training programme that develops the appropriate level of skill, confidence and capability required from your workplace coaches.

What are the benefits?  

Cost Effective

Enable your organisation to provide accessible, cost-effective coaching using coaches who have a deep understanding of your organisation and culture

Accelerate Change

Accelerate the embedding of a coaching and mentoring culture in your organisation and enable coaching to be used for specific business issues


Develop Emotional Maturity

Enable participants to critically assess their own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach or mentor, and how to adapt their style when working with others

Achieve Organisation Targets

Through targeted, strategic interventions, internal coaching can be focused on specific organisational goals, such as increased sales and increasing engagement 


How do we achieve this? 

Starting Point

Proven frameworks

We utilise our proven approach and content to develop a programme which achieves your goals

Bespoke for you

We refine the content to suit your needs, language and your people.

Bespoke for you

Deliver with impact

Our excellent and experiences trainers and coaches deliver impactful and engaging workshops. 

Get Results

Your people implement new approaches and techniques.

Get Results

Measure the Results

Our support team collate and present the results of our successes. 


Your people continue to implement changes