Coach Supervision Advanced

Providing experienced coaches with the skill, understanding and confidence to effectively supervise internal coaches within your organisation



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If you are looking to maintain high standards of internal coaching in your organisation on an ongoing basis and are keen to provide your coaches with the support to ensure coaching activity is ethical and safe, then this is the right programme.


As well as providing understanding and exploring models and techniques, our facilitation style is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical.


As an option, we offer this programme with an ILM qualification, based on your participants compiling a portfolio of evidence of coach supervision experience, including group supervision, and review of personal learning. 



What are the benefits?

Develop internal capability

Develop an internal pool of coaching supervisors to ensure the quality and standards of coaching is maintained throughout the organisation

Ethics and safety

Ensure all coaching activity carried out by your internal coaches is ethical and safe

Learning and development

Support your coaches to keep learning and developing through regular communication with a trained coaching supervisor

Programme Outline

This programme develops your experienced internal coaches to:

  • Understand the necessity for supervision in organisational coaching

  • Appreciate the key elements of coaching supervision and the value of different approaches

  • Develop the skills of supervision to a sufficient standard to effectively supervise your internal coaches

Delivery Options:

Face-to-face: 4 days of training (2+1+1 days)

Virtual: 12 x 2-hour sessions (grouped as 6+3+3)

Group size:

Up to 8 participants per workshop / virtual session


Resources & support:

Access to online resources

Pre-, mid- and post-programme learner support

Pre-, mid and post-programme calls with the tutor