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OVO Energy

OVO Energy launched in 2009 with a belief that energy could be better. Since then they’ve welcomed over a million members, planted over a million trees and set their sights on helping to save the planet.

The facilitators demonstrated deep knowledge, ensuring practical and impactful sessions. We appreciate the value and contribution they have made in our journey of building a coaching culture at OVO.
Claire Mackinlay
People Development Partner

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OVO Energy, once a disruptor, now a major UK energy supplier, faced growth challenges: maintaining culture, integrating diversity, and navigating crises.
OVO partnered with Coaching Focus for "The OVO Way of Coaching" program, tailored to enhance leadership skills. Six tutor-led and three workplace practice modules were delivered with the addition of workbook 'OVO Learn', tailored to OVO's branding.
"The OVO Way of Coaching" led to significant leadership improvements, with a Peakon score increase from 7.3 to 8.2, surpassing the target of 7.6. NPS was 65, with 9/10 satisfaction. Internal trainers sustain the coaching culture, fostering workplace inclusivity and progressiveness.

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Rising to New Heights: The Challenge of Sustaining Growth while Nurturing an Inclusive and Progressive Culture

OVO Energy, founded in 2009 as a market disruptor, quickly grew into a substantial enterprise, boasting 1,900 employees and over 1 million customers within its first decade. By 2020, the acquisition of SSE Energy Services propelled OVO to become the UK’s third-largest energy supplier, with 6,000 employees and 5 million customers. Amidst this rapid expansion, OVO faced the challenge of sustaining its growth while nurturing an inclusive and progressive culture. The integration of a diverse workforce and the need to navigate the energy crisis, which led to redundancies, underscored the importance of effective leadership. To address these challenges, OVO committed to investing in the development of its people leaders, aiming to empower them to drive human progress through clean, affordable energy.

Crafting the Future: The Launch of 'The OVO Way of Coaching' for Leadership Excellence

In 2021, OVO partnered with Coaching Focus to develop "The OVO Way of Coaching" programme. This bespoke initiative was designed to enhance the skills and shift the mindsets of OVO’s leaders, aligning with the company’s values and operational style. The programme featured six tutor-led modules and three workplace-based practice modules, all complemented by a fully branded digital workbook accessed via 'OVO Learn'. Coaching Focus was flexible with the content, ensuring it fit seamlessly with OVO’s branding, language, and colours. The initial rollout included three pilot cohorts, whose feedback via surveys and focus groups was instrumental in refining the programme’s content and delivery. Continuous monitoring and weekly check-in meetings ensured the programme’s alignment with OVO’s cultural and organisational objectives.

To ensure the sustainability of the coaching culture, OVO also implemented a "Train the Trainer" initiative. This additional training enabled selected internal leaders to become certified trainers, empowering them to continue the coaching development internally. This approach not only promoted a self-sustaining coaching culture but also maximised the reach and impact of the programme across the organisation.

Measurable Success: Transformative Outcomes of 'The OVO Way of Coaching' Programme

The implementation of "The OVO Way of Coaching" has yielded significant benefits. Over 600 people leaders have completed the programme, reporting substantial improvements in leadership capabilities and workplace culture. Despite the challenges posed by the energy crisis and associated redundancies, OVO exceeded its target Growth Driver score on Peakon, rising from 7.3 to 8.2, surpassing the goal of 7.6. This 0.9-point increase highlights the programme's effectiveness in developing leadership growth and resilience.

Furthermore, the programme received an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65. Participants also indicated high satisfaction, with 9 out of 10 stating they would recommend "The OVO Way of Coaching" to a friend or colleague.

The "Train the Trainer" initiative has been particularly successful, with internal trainers now equipped to perpetuate the coaching culture. This initiative has enabled OVO to maintain the momentum of leadership development and continue cultivating an inclusive and progressive workplace.

As OVO continues to prioritise its commitment to creating an inclusive and progressive workplace, "The OVO Way of Coaching" stands as a testament to the company's dedication to its employees and customers. By investing in leadership development and ensuring the continuity of the coaching culture through internal trainers, OVO not only enhances its internal culture but also strengthens its ability to navigate the evolving energy landscape and deliver on its mission of clean, affordable energy for all.