Coaching after Covid 19 Pandemic

Why you must Coach in a Pandemic

Benjamin Franklin famously said ‘in the world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes’. Well, whatever happens post COVID19 and whatever 'new norms' emerge, …

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coaching best practice header image

Coaching Best Practice

The purpose of this blog is to create awareness of the purpose and uses of coaching in the workplace and to introduce the key skills and processes associated …

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informal coaching or formal coaching header image

Formal and Informal Coaching

Coaching is a type of conversation intended to develop an individual’s (or team’s) capacity to be more effective and perform better. Whether it is delivered formally or informally, …

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performance culture header

Manifesto for Coaching

Coaching isn't a right. But it's something we can all elect to do for ourselves, and to encourage across our organisations, to create a performance culture. That's why …

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GROW coaching model header

Why 'GROW' is still relevant to modern coaching

We consider here some of the key ingredients showing why the GROW coaching model is as relevant to modern coaching today as ever...

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The Art of Telephone Coaching

The art of good telephone coaching centres on the same fundamental skills of face to face coaching i.e. great listening, structuring the conversation (GROW) and the processing of …

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