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Ethics and Confidentiality

Most people understand that coaching, when on a 1:1 basis, is a confidential conversation. But what does confidential actually mean in this context? And what do we mean by ethics?
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What is my role as a Coachee?

When participating in Coaching, there are expectations on both sides. Your coach, whether they are your line manager or ‘external’, should be committed to your success and you as a Coachee will be expected to take coaching seriously, and to …
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How to self coach

Most of us head through life with 'knee jerk' reactions - being reactive as oppose to responsive. We don't often have a coach to hand or allow ourselves time to stop and think before making a decision and this can …
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The Coaching Process

This blog looks at the coaching process and what your intention is - what do you really want to get out of it? You need to be able to give it time, commitment, dedication, reflection and honesty. Working with a …