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The contracting session is possibly the most important meeting that you will have with your Coaching client. Within it, the boundaries in which the Coaching relationship operates will be established and the mutual expectations under which both Coach and Coachee …
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Why is it important to audit your coaching?

Our experience shows that many organisations are still not getting the most they can out of their coaching provision. We look at why is is important to review your coaching to understand whether your company's coaching is transformational or transactional …
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What is my role as a Coaching Sponsor

All managers should undertake coaching regularly and when this happens directly, there is no 'sponsor' as the line manager is also the coach. However, when the coach is someone other than the line manager, the 'contract' between all parties needs …
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Ethics and Confidentiality

Most people understand that coaching, when on a 1:1 basis, is a confidential conversation. But what does confidential actually mean in this context? And what do we mean by ethics?