Coaching and the role of the Learning & Development Manager

As a Learning and Development professional you play a crucial role within your organisation – both in implementing skills development initiatives as well as the core operational training for key leadership teams.

It is with these leaders – from the middle management through to the executives – where coaching and mentoring play a crucial part in supporting the Learning and Development function. This is also where Coaching Focus has built a reputation for providing a responsive and pro-active coaching service that makes your life as an L&D manager easier.

You’ll find us actively supporting, implementing and reviewing coaching activity that helps you achieve the organisational goals you have been set and adds real value to your key stakeholders.

Building knowledge and relationships to create better outcomes

Getting to know you and your role within the Learning and Development team is vital – because we know that the remits and pressures are so different in every organisation.

While sometimes it is necessary for us to step in and work at short notice with a new client, we believe the real value add comes from taking the time to build knowledge of your organisation, your stakeholders, your business strategy – and of course you.

Good information and insight is key in our ability to support you and your coaching and mentoring programmes – and we take the time to get to know you in order to become a trusted partner.

Using coaching as a tactical tool to overcome problems

Coaching Focus has worked with HR and L&D teams within leading organisations to develop, implement and evaluate coaching programmes that meet overarching strategic objectives. But, especially at times of change, we also fulfil a tactical need too.

Coronavirus is an obvious example of unexpected change where the demands on managers and executives can bring an urgent coaching need for an individual, or a new skills programme required to develop new ways of working within a team or function.

Large organisations are also impacted by transformation, such as introducing new digital ways of working or a major restructuring of the business. Managing a tactical intervention as well as a strategic one is an area where Coaching Focus has a wealth of experience. We can respond quickly to your needs, and support you and your organisation with a structured or ad-hoc coaching provision delivered across the UK or on a global basis.

We have published a number of case studies to evidence our success.

Implementing coaching efficiently to suit the Coachee

We are committed to finding the right fit in terms of experience and expertise among our panel of coaches. Not every coach is suitable for a coachee. Our team are all qualified, have extensive experience and have coached across all levels – from middle management to C-suite executives.

We will consider the operating arena and look at what works best for an individual or the team. For example, we can provide workshops, one-to-one coaching, longer-term mentoring or even online coaching support (for example where the coachee has a tight schedule or is overseas).

Our aim is to be as flexible as we can to meet your requirements – and ensure that the outcomes meet the needs of you, your stakeholders (whether the CEO, HR Director, Head of L&D etc) and of course the coachees.

Coaching Focus can help you succeed by:

Upskilling You

Exceed the standard of skills your organisation expects using leading coaching methodologies that are based on extensive observational research.

Changing Behaviours

Achieve permanent behavioural change over temporary improvement with support from Coaching Focus’s Coaches and Facilitators.

Managing Projects

Advising you on managing your learning projects to demonstrate greater business alignment.

Presenting benefits

Helping you demonstrate commerciality and Return on Investment of your L&D projects.

Blended Learning

Helping you to implement different approaches and optimise blended learning methods to support the 70:20:10 learning model.

Understanding Cultures

Develop flexibility within your international deployments and helping you to manage different cultural contexts