Coaching and the role of the HR Director

The role of the HR Director has become increasingly significant to organisations. There is now much more to the role than overseeing the organisational approach to personnel and training. CEOs are increasingly valuing the HR contribution to business strategy and organisational culture and HRDs will need to deliver on this expectation.

Coaching Focus is committed to supporting the role of the HR Director, to help achieve organisational objectives and create a sustainable performance culture.

Making HR the key to meeting strategic corporate objectives

HR is a vital strategic role – one that is starting to see growth in representation at board level – and whether you are named Chief HR Officer or HR Director your role has the ear of C-suite executives. And this will increase as we enter a new era where organisational sustainability and resilience will become critical to business success.

In the UK, Brexit and COVID-19 are set to shape the influence that HR Directors have within organisations. If a recession strikes then the CFO may be the obvious choice to cut costs by reducing staff. But in reality, it is only the HR Director who can provide vision and guidance on how to maximise the discretionary behaviour and performance from an organisation’s most valuable asset, its people.

Using coaching to deliver strategic objectives

Coaching Focus has been a trusted partner for many HR Directors within leading organisations over the years, not just for our coaching provision but also for the common sense and practical solutions that help facilitate a high performing, engaged and future proof workforce.

It is the added value from supporting and guiding you on your people strategy that pays dividends. Great leadership and teamwork at an organisational level are crucial – and coaching your executives and supporting senior teams are ways to help ensure strategic objectives and organisational performance are achieved. At Coaching Focus we coach executives and senior teams to achieve their strategic objectives – and have published a number of case studies to evidence our success.

Creating a coaching culture

HR Directors will be seen as the guardians of the organisation’s culture and, as we move into an era where command and control will stop working, new ways of working will need to be developed.

At Coaching Focus we have been helping HR Directors to shift organisational culture by developing the right skills and mindset across all levels of their organisation.

Implementing the right coaching strategy

We are experts in the coaching field. We understand how to get the results you desire and what will work for the context in which you operate.

As such we never implement a ‘standard’ coaching approach but one that is relevant to you, your people and the environment you operate in. We work with you to understand your desired strategic outcomes and refine these with you, your board and those that are asked to change.

That means providing an approach and team that will work for you and your leaders – and that is able to accelerate the delivery of your strategic plans.