HR Director having a discussion with a colleague

HR Director

The role of the HR Director has become increasingly significant to organisations. There is now much more to the role than overseeing the organisational approach to personnel and training. CEOs are increasingly valuing the HR contribution to business strategy and organisational culture and HRDs will need to deliver on this expectation. Coaching Focus is committed to supporting the role of the HR Director, to help achieve organisational objectives and create a sustainable performance culture.

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L&D Manager

As a L&D professional you play a crucial role within your organisation – both in implementing skills development initiatives as well as the core operational training for key leadership teams. It is with these leaders – from the middle management through to the executives – where coaching and mentoring play a crucial part in supporting the L&D function. This is also where Coaching Focus has built a reputation for providing a responsive and pro-active coaching service that makes your life as an L&D manager easier.

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Team having a discussion in a Remaining Focused Masterclass


You know that leadership is all about motivating people towards achieving a common goal together. And as a leader, you appreciate that your role is crucial to the success of every endeavour in your organisation. At every level of leadership, from C suite to the first-line leader, the capacity to motivate, inspire and enable every person in the organisation to give their best is the hallmark of a great leader. Coaching is key to this and Coaching Focus has a range of highly effective and well-proven coaching programmes to help you learn, practice and develop your coaching skills to help you become an even more effective leader.

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