Mo Raja



Mo Raja has over 25 years of experience delivering business growth and transformation through smarter use of data, technology, and intelligent product design. He is calm, assured, yet highly driven with a deep sense of purpose. With multi-sector knowledge and cross-functional experience he offers new insights to support both his coaching and mentoring relationships. Mo is curious and commercially astute with a deep understanding of business mechanics from start-ups to corporates. The very core of what Mo offers is a deeply engaging and transformative experience.


The world of Coaching is changing. To stay ahead of trends, clients are looking to work with evidence-based tools and methodologies to help them change on a deeper level. Mo blends his knowledge of human behavioural biology and coaching psychology to help his clients. He chooses the best approaches for each and every one of his clients, facilitating them to make the breakthroughs they need.

Mo provides his clients a safe, highly confidential and productive space to explore their existing challenges and the changes they need and want to make. His coaching style is very supportive and challenging, to ensure clients fully explore their issues and opportunities to achieve transformative new awareness and insights.

Relevant Qualifications

  • Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, Henley Business School
  • Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor Certification, Clutterbuck Associates
  • NLP Practitioner and Ed de Bono Thinking Masterclass
  • Business & Marketing (BA Hons), MCIM, BCS

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