Lindsay Wittenberg

Lindsay Wittenberg

Executive Coach
Lindsay Wittenberg

Executive Coach

Style and Approach

Lindsay coaches for development and transformation. She is a systemic practitioner, taking systemic and psychological approaches: she aims to enable lasting change by going beyond what presents on the surface, so that her clients achieve the results they want with confidence. Lindsay’s coaching approach is characterised by: the importance of the coach-client relationship; focus on the here and now through awareness and mindfulness; a holistic perspective in its broadest sense; and a creative, experimental attitude. Her clients speak of her as challenging and supportive, caring and tough, dynamic and deep, positive, wise, warm and insightful.

She uses a wide range of coaching approaches and tools so as to be able to choose what is most appropriate in enabling each client to make lasting, positive shifts in their decision-making, communication, relationships and effectiveness, and develop more versatility, creativity, vision, skill and courage in dealing effectively with ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty, fuzzy boundaries, and an ongoing state of emergence and change. She has a profound understanding of how change occurs.


Lindsay specialises in bringing clarity to complex agendas in the following areas:

- Coaching for change and transition: Equipping clients to manage change so as to achieve successful transition over the long term and manage its impact on themselves and on their teams.

- Career development: Re-energising and refocusing careers, finding meaning at work, and managing career transition points, including First 100 Days.

- Leadership development: accelerating effectiveness, stimulating higher levels of performance, building resilience, confidence and impact, invigorating teams.

- Coaching for wellbeing: Facilitating clients to create healthy working lives, achieve balance, manage stress and challenges to health, and build resilience.

- Cross-cultural effectiveness: Creating new routes to crossing cultural boundaries and moving successfully to unfamiliar cultures.

Lindsay enjoys working with bright clients who want to achieve sustained change and who:

  • are at a turning point or transition.
  • are working in results-focused cultures and/or environments of change.
  • are tussling with dilemmas.
  • are stressed.
  • may be struggling with working relationships.
  • enact behaviours that others find difficult.


Her career began in HR with Marks & Spencer plc, before she trained as a careers counsellor. During 13 years in Luxembourg Lindsay founded, led and developed a human rights pressure group, operating internationally. Back in the UK she created, launched and built a European business development consultancy before training as an executive coach, becoming a director of an executive talent management company and setting up her executive coaching consultancy in 2003. She was a Trustee of a national charity for 13 years


Lindsay is the originator of the Wittenberg Career Coaching Model. She is a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching, is an Emeritus Certified Management Consultant, and is the author of the e-book ‘Become the Leader You Are: Self-Leadership through Executive Coaching’. She:

Holds a B.A. Hons degree (class II.1) in Linguistics (University of Reading)

Is qualified with the Advanced Diploma (with Distinction) in Professional Coaching and Mentoring from the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (accredited by Oxford-Brookes University)

Holds EMCC European Individual Accreditation at Senior Practitioner Level

Holds the Certificates in The Psychology of Coaching and Gestalt Coaching Skills from the Academy of Executive Coaching

Holds the Practitioner qualification in Systemic Coaching and Constellations

Is an approved provider of ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Endorsed Programmes in leadership, management and career coaching.

Was Highly Commended for Coaching at Work’s Award 2015 for Best Thought Leadership.

Recent Experience

A senior civil servant, with a diplomatic career behind her, sought clarity about her motives for staying in paid employment past the time when she could get a pension. From that she wanted to derive clarity about whether to stay in her current job and if so, what she wanted to achieve and how to improve her performance in the role.

An exceptionally-accomplished senior executive in a global corporation had achieved everything he had set out to achieve and wanted to explore where to take his career next.

A top-level leader in high street banking used her coaching to create even greater success in a newly-created and evolving role in the public eye, with both risk and innovation high on the agenda, in a climate of pressure, complexity, high stakes and ever-tightening regulatory constraints.

Currently: 7th year of coaching on the annual Fellowship programme of the Marketing Academy, working with Chief Marketing Officers of mainly global brands who intend to step up to Chief Executive roles or roles with impact of an entirely different order of magnitude.

The CEO of a charity developed a new strategy for her organisation during an extremely challenging year, including budget cuts, and with some difficult members of her team. She reported a shift in not only her awareness of her own power, but also her self-awareness and her awareness of what kinds of activities genuinely unlocked her potential and confidence.

Led a team of 5 coaches (including myself) to coach 33 people in the MENA region on career transition for a transnational intergovernmental organisation where the political scenario internally and externally is complex, pressured and challenging. Currently leading a team of 10 coaches to deliver leadership transition coaching worldwide for the same organisation.

Sectors and Organisations

Lindsay has worked across a range of sectors, including financial services, regulation, City and regional law firms, City accountancy practices, retail, energy, government (intergovernmental, central, national, regional and local), business schools, technology, engineering, advertising, telecommunications, health, charities and the voluntary sector. Organisations she has worked with include: PruHealth, NFU Mutual, a financial regulation authority, LTSB Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Civil Service, NBTY, DLA Piper, various FTSE-100 companies, NHS, Camelot UK Lotteries, Network Rail, Accenture, BDO Stoy Hayward, GLA, Google, Girlguiding.

Client Feedback

Recent clients have commented:

“I would describe Lindsay as very thoughtful and insightful and someone with great integrity. Her style is structured, supportive and challenging – she is very skilled at creating the conditions for positive change and development.”

“Having agreed a robust framework of objectives, Lindsay has created a space which is both challenging and supportive as I work towards achieving them. The experience has been intensely thought provoking whilst at the same time very practical. Throughout the year I have been able to experiment, reflect and apply learning continuously.”

“Her style was intellectually challenging, and there was a balance between the mirror being held up enough for me to see for myself what was needed through probing open questions, and affirmation of the positives that I had in the role.”

“Lindsay is outstanding in connecting the client’s business agenda to a personal growth agenda, something that delivers truly outstanding results. This is especially beneficial as it helps the client to become empowered for future, more complex challenges…. I highly appreciated Lindsay‘s systematic approach to coaching. She is very precise and rigorous in helping master the challenge at hand, while at the same time giving enough space to explore new personal territories. To sum it up: Lindsay is soft on the client and tough on the problem, in the most positive sense!”

“I couldn’t have got away with anything, but you didn’t tell me what to do. You were able to draw out the real issues.”

“Lindsay is distinctive for her deep listening and being prepared to work with deeper issues than just presenting issues.”

“She is challenging, she asks searching questions (whose answers are sustaining), she’s thought-provoking, patient and deep. She is surprisingly firm, but easy to accept.”