Linda LaBrooy

Linda LaBrooy

Facilitator and Coach
Linda LaBrooy

Facilitator and Coach


Linda's career spans nearly 30 years in learning and development and this has been recently recognised by becoming a Fellow and Accreditation Mentor for the Learning Performance Institute.

She is an an experienced ILM Level 7 coach and has helped several companies implement coaching methodologies. She is passionate about developing people to be the best that they can be and has a special interest in resilience coaching, having recently qualified as a Resilience Practitioner.


Linda is an empathetic coach and is intuitive and appreciative of the needs of her clients. She develops client’s self-awareness and interaction with others to enhance performance.

Linda helps identify how her clients attitudes and beliefs influence their behaviour, analysing and navigating through situations, especially in a corporate environment.

Linda states, “My approach is to work with my clients to help them identify their purpose, their passions and their potential, as well as their business and/or personal goals.

Everybody has different levels of self-awareness, needs, aims and resources and I work with my clients to explore their definition of success and to shape their vision and approach. This is done in line with their unique personal style and values. Therefore, the structure and content of the coaching session is individually tailored. I use creative tools and exercises to help them find and explore who they are.

I create a relaxed environment where clients can reflect on thoughts and events and I protect the space in the sessions for clients to be themselves”

Relevant Qualifications
  • Fellow of Learning Performance Institute (FLPI)
  • Chartered Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • ILM Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring
  • MA Human Resource Management
  • Member Association of Coaching
  • Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership