Deborah Haskew

Deborah Haskew

Executive and Team Coach
Deborah Haskew

Executive and Team Coach


Deborah is a Chartered and Registered Psychologist, trained and registered with the BPS to provide supervision to other coaches and psychologists, and an Accredited Executive Coach with the AC. She has over 25 years commercial experience delivering coaching, mentoring and consultancy.


Deborah started her career as an Occupational Psychologist and delivered a wide range of organisation change and leadership development initiatives, as a consultant, before leading her own department of talent professionals. She has been working as an independent Coach and Consultant since 2000 partnering directly with clients and organisations and working in an associate capacity with larger consultancies and specialists in the field.


Deborah quickly connects with clients and their sponsors to get a clear picture of the key issues and the change that is needed. She is engaging, encouraging and reassuring whilst at the same time challenging and probing, helping clients explore new perspectives and ideas and experiment with new ways of bringing out their best.

She is familiar with the complex and ever-changing environment of senior organisational life and her clients and their sponsors appreciate the way she zooms in and out on perspective and quickly connects with core issues and challenges. Her engaging, encouraging and penetrating approach means she can compassionately support clients whilst holding them to face into difficult issues and find new, innovative and effective ways of meeting the demands of their purpose and place in their work.

Her clients are senior leaders and those who have been identified to be on this track. She also works with other pivotal role holders - HR and OD professionals - to help them maximize the positive impact they can have as organization guardians. Clients ask her to help them with leadership, transition and identity issues. Her aim is to help them bring out the best in themselves by exploring alternative perspectives of themselves, others and the organization to develop greater flexibility and agility when responding and initiating in their leadership roles. By helping clients gain greater clarity of purpose and place and by focusing on where they can truly make a difference, play to their strengths, and expand their capacity, she helps them strengthen their leadership stance and build resilience to deliver in a sustainable way.

Clients have included

The AA, Amersham International, Asda, Bass Plc, BAT, Bond Dickinson, BP, Bristol and West Building Society, Britannia Building Society, Capital Law, CCTA, Clarks, Eversheds, Ford, Hanson UK, Imperial Tobacco Cigar Division, ITV, KPMG, Lloyds Bowmaker, Macquarie Bank, NHS Confederation, Orange, Railtrack, Thames Valley Police, TJXEurope, UK Nirex, Welsh Assembly Government Organisations, & EMBA students at Cardiff Business School.


Deborah’s experience has shown her that at senior levels, leadership success in this VUCA world is about having time to think and reflect, keeping a strategic and whole system perspective, understanding the process of transition and change, being clear about purpose and place, knowing oneself, playing to strengths, managing energy and resilience and staying connected to others by remaining engaged in relationships and attending to the human factor.

Deborah’s Coaching assignments have reflected this and are specific to the individual and organizational context; they support all aspects of leadership growth/renewal, transition and effectiveness, for example:

  • Lead in an authentic and sustainable way: growing confidence and presence - aligning place and purpose and role
  • Develop change-leader capacity: working with the system in mind, being the agent of change
  • Make smooth transitions to new and senior roles: developing identity and relationship networks, moving from doing to being
  • Deal with Achille’s heals, old patterns and shadow sides: developing new ways of responding to the present and the future
  • Working together: growing social and emotional intelligence, understanding systems and team dynamics
  • Build successful stakeholder partnerships: working collaboratively and creatively, and working with conflict
  • Grow leader resilience and work-life balance: managing energy, focus and clarity of purpose
  • Deal positively with the complexity of senior life: relationships, ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Make the most of maternity transitions
  • Clarify career ambitions and paths