Adrian Cole


Coaching Style

Ady works as both a Personal Performance Coach and as a Trainer. As a coach, he specialises in enabling clients who are struggling to do what they want to do. This generally means clients who have had coaching that was not successful or who feel that they have some form of blockage or insurmountable difficulty that they cannot overcome. Such people either struggle on regardless or eventually seek some form of counselling or therapy.

Another method Ady offers is focusing less on an examination of the problem and more on simply identifying it and removing it. If clients are motivated to change, he provides the mechanism. The mechanism comes in the form of processes he has been trained to use and now also trains others to do.

Ady works by listening, questioning and explaining where necessary, followed by whichever specific process is appropriate. By removal of the blockage or the interference and with the resulting increase in confidence, conventional coaching around future goals becomes transformational rather than transactional and thus is much more effective. Often the lack of confidence that underpins most perceived difficulties is caused by negativity and internal conflict. Once that is dealt with, using clean and content-free processes, a client’s whole wellbeing is affected positively. The end result of these processes are measurable increases in confidence and greater emotional regulation which are both fundamental to resilience

Sector Experience

As a trainer, Ady has 14 year’s experience in the world of business and a large proportion of his former career was also focused in this area. Ady is a former Royal Marine of 20+ years of service, finishing as the Chief Instructor of the Physical Training Branch.

For the last 13 years Ady has been working both in the worlds of expeditions, high performance team behaviours and coaching. This, together with his own experiences of being coached, has given him a keen interest in behaviours and confidence.

Ady says, “Whilst I am always learning, I have the training and necessary experience to enable people to make the changes they want and deal successfully with the change around them."

Professional Qualification/Accreditation

  • Platinum Practitioner and Trainer in Spectrum Emotional Coaching
  • Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neurolinguistics Programming
  • Training in the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi)
  • Holds the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate and has experience in many outdoor activities and sports which are all vehicles for resilience and personal development.

Recent Clients

In general, Ady works for various consultancies both coaching and in the fields of High-Performance Team Development, Leadership Training, Personal Development, Resilience and Change Management. These latter fields often also lead to 1:1 coaching assignments. Recent clients include:

  • Babcock International
  • The London Business School
  • BMW
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Worcester Warriors Rugby
  • Dragons (formerly Newport Gewnt Dragons - Pro14 Team)

Client Testimonials

“Ady's manner is supportive and very well aligned to my feelings and responses. I felt comfortable, calm and relaxed in his company; able to be honest, without feeling judged or absurd. With no clear expectations of any outcome, my feelings afterwards came with some surprise.

I felt reinvigorated in my outlook of my future, not that before it appeared in anyway dull, looking back I may well have been lacking some energy towards some aspects of what lay ahead. I now feel refreshed, revitalised and I look forward with new inspired thoughts and plans, the buzz and excitement is there, present and alive again. My sincere thanks, Chris”

Chris - Devon, England

“Adrian's considerable skill, lightness of touch, unjudgmental approach, expertise and empathy allowed me to feel in safe hands right from the start. Adrian is thorough, clear, unflappable and concise in his teaching and he ensures that his clients get measurable benefit and therefore value from these sessions. Now I am looking forward to the future. I am excited about putting into practice what we have discussed and have begun to make significant changes in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian Cole as a coach for organisations as well as individuals - and I don't do that lightly.”

Anna - Oxford, England

“I didn’t know what to expect from Ady but one thing for sure is that he challenged me. He forced me to be honest with myself and left me wanting to nail a plan to get to the next level in my professional development. He was so direct and so specific about his conversations, somehow, I immediately trusted him, which was necessary. While reinforcing positive traits he pushed me to explain my own personal areas of development and uncovered ways to conquer them. I felt leaving conversations with Ady, ready to get going, it was an energizing feeling. I would not hesitate to speak with him further or recommend him to others.”

Elizabeth Alpert, New York, USA