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Coaching Focus is an innovative and dynamic coaching solutions company. We enable organisations to develop, implement and evaluate coaching strategies that work.

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Our informed advice and guidance provides potent, effective and sustainable coaching solutions that support your business, people and performance agenda.

Our highly experienced and professional team are some of the best consultants available.

Our approach is based in a firm belief in the power of coaching to improve the performance and engagement of people at work. In so doing, we believe in the innate capacity of individuals to find their own solutions and the power of coaching in the workplace to help them develop that capacity.

We partner with HR and L&D professionals to define and implement both a compelling vision and clear strategy for coaching within the organisation which is distinctive, relevant and offers discernible benefits to all stakeholders.

We work closely with managers and staff to enable them to develop the clarity, skills, knowledge and the confidence they will need to maximize the use of coaching.

We use accessible concepts that are universally recognised as contributing to performance coaching and ensure that people can actually apply these back in the workplace.

Our style is one that guides, educates and then builds confidence and capability to ensure that the new skills and ways of working are sustainable.

Everything we do is based on a handful of simple but proven processes, a depth of real life experience and appropriate tools that make a real and meaningful difference to the people and organisations we work with.

Our approach can be summarised as follows:

We challenge – believing that our clients are best served by open dialogue in generating appropriate solutions that meet their needs and ensure that the outcomes that are required are fully attained

Performance focused – helping to develop and facilitate skills which will provide a positive impact for them their team and the organisation

Rigorous – generating opportunities where intrinsic shifts in behaviour and capacity are created and sustained in developing effective change, enhanced performance and more productive outputs.

Practical and pragmatic – in delivering straightforward, no-nonsense client led solutions that work effectively within our client’s working environment.

Authority – all programme leaders are experienced coaches with senior management experience.